Dungeness: Ilford Delta 100

I’ve been meaning to experiment with some film shooting for a long time and I finally got around it recently. Having purchased a Nikon F90X on eBay a few weeks ago and shooting a couple of rolls of Tri-X 400 to see if it was for me (and discovering it is), I decided to pick up a Nikon F5 as I wanted to be able to use all of my glass in Aperture priority (my favourite mode of shooting), rather than just my 50mm with its manual aperture ring, which the F90X called for. The F90X does have Program mode, but I’m used to controlling everything via changing aperture. Long story short, I got an F5 in near mint condition and took her down to Dungeness, loaded with a roll of Ilford Delta 100, with the goal of shooting the whole roll. I sent the film to Ilford Labs and asked for 6×4 prints and was excited as they arrived…

However, basically, the prints were crap and I wasn’t sure whether it was me, the camera or the processing. I decided to scan the negatives myself and, thankfully, they came out great. A lesson learned – never let anyone else post-process your files – I like contrast and the prints had none. They just looked so washed out and insipid I was gutted. Here are all the shots I took, processed my way… As they should be.

Delta100_008Delta100_007 Delta100_006 Delta100_004

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