Making (Fake) Model Images

Every now and then I find myself in a location which lends itself to the creation of fake model images – that is, taking a real world scene and, using Photoshop, making it appear as though it is an elaborate vignette from a superb model village. Here are a few example (some work better than others) from a recent trip to London.

Generally speaking, you want to be above the subject, looking down at it… and then some magic can happen…

JLH_4319 JLH_4322 JLH_4323 JLH_4324 JLH_4329 JLH_4334 JLH_4335 JLH_4347 JLH_4352 JLH_4360 JLH_4361

To play around with your own images like this, please see a good tutorial here:
(I don’t follow all the points, but the main blur bits hold true and this works for the latest version of Photoshop CC too).

And, don’t fret if you don’t have Photoshop, I’ve had some good results with this (free) online tilt-shift maker:
(I think the only restriction is the input/output size of the images, but for web use it’s brilliant).

Have fun model makers!

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