The Sky Garden

Architecturally, to me anyway, 20 Fenchurch Street (or the Walkie Talkie) is one of the most fascinating new buildings on the London skyline. It became even more fascinating when I discovered the top par of the building is known as the Sky Garden and that they offer free tickets to experience 360 degree views of London. I’m a sucker for a good view (and camera-friendly venues – note, no tripods allowed) but the availability of tickets is quite hit and miss. That said, I kept checking their site and spaces appeared during time I had leave.

The beauty of London is that massive buildings can slowly appear depending on your direction of approach…


It’s only from certain angles that one realises how much that they can dominate a skyline…


It’s certainly not the tallest, but it’s certainly distinctive.


The Sky Garden itself is very pleasant – a nice space, filled with greenery to eat and drink.

JLH_4364 JLH_4366

Of course, the main draw for me was the views and, on a good day (which we had), the views are really good.

JLH_4314 JLH_4332 JLH_4338 JLH_4339JLH_4311JLH_4330JLH_4331JLH_4354JLH_4359JLH_4362JLH_4367JLH_4370JLH_4371JLH_4372

I’d recommend it without question. Free views of London are always good.

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