Using Old(er) Equipment

I wanted to write an article to try and dispel the myth that one has to have the latest and greatest equipment to take pleasing images. Moreover, the fun is learning what exactly the limitations are of older equipment and when one manages to capture the image as intended, the thrill is even more intense. It’s good technique and understanding the equipment that makes a pleasing photo, to me, not amazing equipment. Knowledge trumps equipment.

And one doesn’t need to spend thousands on editing software and computers – these were all re-edited using The Gimp (free) and RawTherapee (free) on a seven year old Apple iMac (available for £350 on eBay).

The first three images were captured with a Nikon d50 and 18-55mm lens which is now available on eBay for just £100.



The next three images were taken with a Nikon d50 and he Tamron 55-200mm lens – this combo can be picked up for £120 on eBay (the lens only cost £90 new back in 2006!).

20060613DSC_3606 20060708DSC_7928 20060729DSC_0466

And don’t be thinking you can’t take some nice low light portraits with cheap gear – the following was taken with a Nikon d50 and the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 which can be bought on eBay for £150.


The d50 served me well and even produced some lovely macro shots when paired with the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 – to get these now on eBay would be about £250.


The d200 is still great for portraits with the Nikkor 50mm – available for around £250 on eBay.


Stepping up a notch, to around the £300-£350 mark, the following were taken with a Nikon d200 and Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro.

20080405_DSC0189 20080503_DSC7415 20080810_DSC0052 20090704_DSC0279

So, browse eBay and get some old gear, because one can have a ton of fun with second-hand cameras!

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